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‘One Trip’ New Container Sales

New containers are made more economical for you to buy since the boxes are shipped once to New Zealand with a full load of cargo from the country of manufacture rather than being transported empty.

Once shipped to New Zealand new containers are very often purchased for the purpose of long term storage use, however should you intend the container to be used for shipping cargo we can ensure that the unit has the required CSC plates to meet shipping regulations.

We don’t like being beaten on price.

No one likes to feel like they could have got a better deal elsewhere so we don’t like being beaten on price. Buying from us means you can save money.

Guaranteed to be delivered wind and watertight.

Having to return a faulty container is likely something you would want to avoid having to do.

That’s why we take the extra step of inspecting your container before it leaves the depot to ensure it is 100% wind and watertight

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